furniture with soul and story

The tables are made from recycled wood, primarily pine, which we extract from recycled materials. The pieces are placed on an aluminum surface resting heavily on legs of stainless steel giving the table a light expression.

Each piece, every pixel of this furniture, has played its own part in creating the frame for people’s lives through generations and may derive from paneled doors, doorframes, closets, furniture etc. Not only will you get an exclusive piece of furniture bursting with history and soul – you will also get a piece of furniture that you can make the most personified piece you will ever own.

In the UnCopyable table, we have the possibility to ad elements from your life. It could be a piece of the doorframe where you kept track of your children’s height at different ages, or it could be a piece of the chair where grandfather always used to sit – small pixels that ad up and play a part in painting an image of who you are.‚Äč